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U.S Department of Labor Announces more Growth in September

There are a number of important indicators by which the state of the economy can be judged–and job growth has historically been one of the most telling.  After all, when employment goes up so does spending, which in turn fosters success for businesses, who are then able to continue hiring.  That’s why the numbers coming out of the U.S Department of Labor are so encouraging.  According to their official website, September 2015 marked the 67th straight month of job growth–the longest such streak in all of American history.

A growing economy offers unique opportunities for expansion

In an economy where more and more people are working every day, small businesses are going to have a fighting chance.  Considering the sustained success in many areas of the US economy over the past few years, now could certainly be the time for many small businesses to consider expanding.

A potential roadblock

Despite the healthy US economy, small businesses have historically had lots of trouble getting funded by traditional business loans–and this problem was exacerbated greatly by the great recession of 07-09.  Big banks are now hesitant to invest in small business, creating a serious disadvantage for the little guys.  Recent reports have shown that small business approval rates are climbing slowly but surely–however they currently hover in the 20% range.  

A business-friendly solution

Small business owners who understand the general upswing of the economy have been undeterred by the inaccessibility of credit, opting instead to seek out alternative forms of funding.  Allied Capital Corp is dedicated to working with such business owners to help propel the next generation of innovative small businesses to the success that they deserve.  Same day approval and income-based repayal systems make the deal a no brainer.  Contact us today for more information!