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The great recession of ‘08/’09 is long behind us and the economy has been on a general upswing ever since 2009.  This has created a myriad of new economic opportunities that continues to this day.

That being said, the great recession has left one big problem it its wake–credit is less available to small businesses than it once was.  A variety of publications, ranging from Forbes to Entrepreneur, have run articles detailing this problem.  In July of this year, David Nilssen published an article in Entrepreneur noting the irony of this situation:

Consumer confidence, although still volatile, has returned to pre-recession levels and business confidence has rebounded to near-record highs.  A majority of small business owners anticipate revenue and profit increases in 2015.  So, why isn’t small business access to credit improving accordingly?

Fundamentally, this is an economy of opportunity–and the facts pointed out by Nilssen show this to be true.  Unfortunately, only those with access to funding are able to capitalize on those opportunities–which makes things very difficult for small business.

Here at ACC Funding, we believe in small businesses–which is why we are committed to helping fund small business projects.  Whether you’re looking to purchase new inventory or equipment, expand to a new location, stay afloat during the off-season, or complete any other number of plans and projects–Allied Capital has your back.

ACC Funding offers merchant cash advance plans for all needs and all budgets.  The process is fast and convenient–in fact you’ll receive notice of approval the same day, and you’ll have access to funds within 48 hours of applying.  What’s more, we understand that small businesses often have less than perfect credit, which is why we don’t require a credit check. Last but not least, our repayment plans are based upon a percentage of monthly income–making the whole process as business friendly as possible. Contact us today for more information!