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Considering purchasing new equipment?

6 reasons to invest in the future

Small business owners understand the importance of technology and equipment in today’s economy.  Many are hesitant to invest, however, because of the cost.  While this is an understandable concern, it is important to look at the big picture—in reality, a new piece of equipment could save you money for years to come!  Here are our top 6 reasons to invest sooner rather than later.

1.  New equipment is the catalyst for growth

Because financing new equipment can be intimidating, many business owners tell themselves that they will invest in new equipment once they have grown a bit.  What they are not realizing, however, is that new equipment is exactly what they need to achieve that growth.  By delaying investment, you could very well be delaying growth.

2. Tax advantages

New equipment depreciates rapidly in official value the moment you purchase it—meaning you will pay less significantly less taxes on new equipment than you would pay sitting on the cash.

3. Go green

New equipment is much more likely to be environmentally conscious—meaning lower energy bills today and a better world tomorrow!

4. Keep up with the competition

If you don´t invest in new equipment now, you face the possibility of falling behind in today´s increasingly connected and competitive economy.

5. Build Credit

Last but definitely not least, investing in new equipment will give you the opportunity to build your credit.  Though we are often told that all debt is bad, the truth is that carefully managed investments can help your business to build a good financial reputation.  Having good credit will ensure that your business is able to get approved for a loan when you really need it, and that the loan comes at a reasonable interest rate.