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Finding Ways To Get You Funded

When your business needs capital, and needs it quick, a traditional bank loan may not be the answer. You may not qualify or you simply may not have the time to wade through the months-long underwriting process (which today feels more like an IRS audit and more often than not leads to bad news). Not to mention the high interest rates and long, dragged-out repayment periods. With Allied Capital Corp., you have finally found another option!

The Flat Fee Funding Program (remember the “Triple F”) from Allied Capital Corp. does not work like a traditional bank loan. In fact, it isn’t a loan at all so there is no interest rate. The Flat Fee Funding Program allows small-to-medium sized business owners like you access to their future sales today! Cash is advanced to you based on your past sales revenue and is repaid out of future credit card sales or bank deposits. It is fast, easy to get approved, and there are no checks to cut each month.

At Allied Capital Corp., you will be assigned to a Funding Analyst who will help you out from start to finish (which is only a matter of days). You will not be passed around to 100 different people who couldn’t care less about your situation. We’re experienced, dedicated, and most importantly we can always find a way to get you funded!

It never hurts to find out what your options are, so give us a call today @ 1-844-411-FUND (3863).